Who Am I?

My name is Michal. I’m the author and editor at New High Style. I’m a man in love with classic elegance, quality and beauty. I am also an engineer, a connoisseur of good clothes. For over 2 years I was a manager of Davide Lifestyle, an exclusive boutique in the heart of Warsaw, but recently I embarked on a journey as a Private Tailor in Occhiello – brand focused solely on Made to Measure and Bespoke services.

What is New High Style?

New High Style is a manifest of passion for men’s elegance, but also a platform to show clothes, lifestyle, quality and other beautiful things one can find around the globe. If you praise the quality, strive for the greatness and want to see peculiar pieces of clothing, feel welcome to New High Style!

Why was it created?

To show the Italian love for men’s elegance, passion for quality and celebration of life. On New High Style I will be showing a well balanced mix of what I do in Occhiello, my private everyday life and everything that happens around it – clothes, trips, places, food, people. NHS will also touch important topics connected to being a gentleman, bring tips on what and how to wear, and give opinions and reviews of interesting things.

Is NHS a blog?

NHS is not a blog, it is a platform, that will guide everyone interested in men’s elegance, it is a road sign for those, who want to begin their journey with men’s elegance, and finally it is an inspiration for everyone on the web.